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Last Updated August 23, 2018

Alamy,Agencies & Photo Libraries,Abingdon,UK

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Website: Visit website
Address: 6 - 8 West Central
127 Olympic Avenue
OX14 4SA
Telephone: +44 (0)1235 844600

Genre: General

Alamy offers global content sourced from over 60,000 individual photographers and 600 picture agencies in 173 countries. The scale, variety and quality of their work gives you a greater choice of creative images than anywhere else.

We sell images. We add over 100,000 new images every day, sourced from photographers and photo agencies in 173 countries. We pay our photographers a higher percentage of the sale than our competitors and it’s easy to get your images online.

Whether you’re an experienced photojournalist looking to maximise your sales or a stock photographer who takes the occasional news picture, we’d love to work with you. Unlike many other news image agencies, we’re open to everyone and we’ve got a dedicated team to help you get your images online and out to our customers within minutes.
We sell news photos – we work directly with media outlets across the world. Our Live News images sell for higher prices than regular stock images on Alamy. After 48 hours of being taken, your images go into our stock collection where you can continue to make money from them.


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