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Ostkreuz is the most successful photographers’ run agency in Germany with 22 photographers. Almost all of them have been distinguished with national and international prizes. They come from all regions in Germany and other European countries. Each sees the world in their own way and thus, is interested in something else. All photographers set out in different directions but reconvene at this point called ‘Ostkreuz’.

The agency was established in the autumn of 1990 by seven men and women who were some of the GDR’s most significant photographers. These were Sibylle Bergemann, Ute Mahler, Werner Mahler, Harald Hauswald, Thomas Sandberg, Harf Zimmermann and Jens Rötzsch.

The name Ostkreuz was taken from a busy rail station in Berlin whose form recalls a compass rose with rail lines from various directions merging together. ‘Ostkreuz’ sought to describe a location, the East, where a country had yet ceased to exist but also referred to a point, an intersection from which one can set out in any direction.

Ostkreuz is an approach; it means confronting and working with reality.
To detect and depict the core of things, thereby remaining sincere.
It means being genuine, nothing more, nothing less.

The agency's photographers include:
Marc Beckmann
Sibylle Bergemann
Jörg Brüggemann
Espen Eichhöfer
Sibylle Fendt
Annette Hauschild
Harald Hauswald
Heinrich Holtgreve
Tobias Kruse
Ute Mahler
Werner Mahler
Dawin Meckel
Thomas Meyer
Frank Schinski
Jordis Antonia Schlösser
Anne Schönharting
Ina Schoenenburg
Linn Schröder
Stephanie Steinkopf
Mila Teshaieva
Heinrich Völkel
Maurice Weiss