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Last Updated August 24, 2018

Picfair,Agencies & Photo Libraries,London,UK

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Address: Ministry of Startups
4 Elder Street
E1 6BT
Telephone: +44 (0)203 897 0784

Genre: General

Every type of modern business needs images. Picfair connects them with every type of modern photographer. Amateurs and pros, cameras and phones; we’ve created a marketplace where anyone can license an image from anyone, simply and fairly.

For decades, image licensing was a closed industry - only a tiny fraction of professional photographers could sell their images online. Today’s world looks very different, and we’ve built an image marketplace to reflect it. Picfair’s library is a unique combination of award-winning professionals and talented amateurs: millions of images uploaded by thousands of photographers from across the globe.

We don’t believe that robots and algorithms can tell you what a really great picture is, yet. But we do believe they can help. Our revolutionary Picked image-filtering algorithm is trained by our in-house image curation team to evaluate millions of images, and pick out the best results for buyers. We want to be able to sort any image, uploaded from anywhere.

Image licensing middlemen still take an average cut of 74%. Yup, 74%. This isn't fair. Picfair has created a brand new model for image licensing, connecting buyers and sellers directly; rewarding creativity instead of exploiting it. We only make money if our photographers make more.


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