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RH ross hoddinott Last Updated  04 September 2018   470   0
From Dawn to Dusk is a practical, hands-on guide to mastering the techniques required to take better, more creative, landscape photographs. It is also a photography guide like no other....
RH ross hoddinott Last Updated  04 September 2018   476   0
Wow your friends and relatives with awe-inspiring landscape shots with this workshop within a book. Two of the UK's leading landscape photographers come together to share their wealth of experience...
RH ross hoddinott Last Updated  04 September 2018   641   0
Wildlife watchers and aspiring natural-history photographers, collect up your kit and get ready for a practical course with a difference. Photographic workshops are exceptionally popular but not everybody has the...
Masters of Landscape cover_FINAL_selection-1
RH ross hoddinott Last Updated  04 September 2018   465   0
Landscape photography is one of the most popular genres for amateur photographers, with countless competitions and awards heavily subscribed by enthusiasts and professionals who are keen to pitch their work...
Joe Cornish, First Light: A Landscape Photographer's Art
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  27 June 2018   861   0
Joe Cornish, one of Britain’s most distinguished landscape photographers. This book draws on decades of experience, in which he has distilled the key elements of his craft into a collection...
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  07 June 2018   965   0
Welcome to the fascinating world of macro photography, where spectacular images are within the grasp of every photographer. It isn’t necessary to invest in kit worth thousands to start taking...
The Photographer's Eye. John Szarkowski
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  31 May 2018   751   0
This book is an investigation of what photographs look like, and of why they look that way. It is concerned with photographic style and with photographic tradition: with the sense...
Looking at Photographs. John Szarkowski
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  31 May 2018   672   0
Looking at Photographs: 100 Pictures from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art was first published in 1973 and has been reprinted many times. The current edition is available...
Larry Burrows: Vietnam
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  15 May 2018   889   0
Larry Burrows' photograph of the wounded soldiers reaching out in the mud, published in full colour by Life magazine shortly after his death in 1971, was one of the greatest...
Bill Brandt- A Life, Paul Delany
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  12 April 2018   547   0
Bill Brandt, the greatest of British photographers who visually defined the English identity in the mid-twentieth century, was an enigma. A shy and complex man, his life (prior to his...
The Making of Landscape Photographs, Charlie Waite
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  10 April 2018   753   0
160 pages hardcover. In this book, respected landscape photographer Charlie Waite reveals the ideas and thoughts behind 150 of his own favourite photographs taken in...
The Last Resort, Martin Parr
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  06 April 2018   746   0
Martin Parr is a member of the Magnum photo agency, and is recognised as a satirist of contemporary life. He has led the development of British documentary photography with wit,...
Examples, The Making of 40 Photographs, Ansel Adams,
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  06 April 2018   640   0
Ansel Adams was both America's foremost landscape photographer and an ardent environmentalist. His work has been published in a multitude of books, posters and calendars. ...
A&E Alcohol & England, Peter Dench
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  23 March 2018   739   0
Pickled. Soused. Mullered. Blotto. Hog-whimpering. Pie-eyed. Tired and emotional; downwind of a few. The presence of so many words and phrases in the English language to describe a state of...
The Northumberland Coast, Joe Cornish
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  14 March 2018   657   0
In The Northumberland Coast acclaimed photographer Joe Cornish records his visual impressions of a landscape that has enchanted him: its vast sandy bays and some of the most beautiful beaches...
Abruzzo - Michael Kenna
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  12 August 2017   1054   0
SHIPPING AUGUST, 2017. Abruzzo, located in southern Italy, is known as the ‘green region of Europe’ because of the system of parks and nature reserves covering more than one-third of...
The Art of Landscape Photography 600px
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin Last Updated  12 August 2017   780   0
There are many general titles on landscape photography, but few that really tackle the issue of composition in great depth. The Art of Landscape Photography...
17 results - showing 1 - 17