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Digital Macro & Close-up Photography

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ISBN/ISSN :  978-1907708763 
Author/Editor: Ross Hoddinott
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: Ammonite Press
Publication Languages: English
Genre: Macro
Price: £16.99

Welcome to the fascinating world of macro photography, where spectacular images are within the grasp of every photographer. It isn’t necessary to invest in kit worth thousands to start taking impressive close-up images, nor do you need to travel far and wide to find interesting subjects.

Ross Hoddinott has completely revised, and also expanded upon, his hugely successful Digital Macro Photography book, published by GMC Publications in 2007.

This updated book takes you on an incredible journey into the macro world where you can see insects that look like aliens and the hidden symmetries of plants. Technical terms, the basic techniques and how to get the best from your camera are all explained in a direct and easy-to-follow way. Choosing your subjects, lighting them and post-camera processing are all covered in the same accessible way, accompanied by stunning example shots and invaluable tips.

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