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May 1st demonstration on Alexanderplatz 1987 ©Harald HauswaldOstkreuz Courtesy of Side Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 730   0
From 22 September, 2018  To 16 December, 2018
THE INNER EYE: Aspects of GDR Documentary Photography The exhibition gives an introduction to the photographic work of the German Democratic Republic which is still...
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Inflorescence, Print on Museum Glass, hand gilded with Lemon, Red and White Gold leaf by Valda Bailey
M mmxgallery 340   0
From 03 October, 2019  To 03 November, 2019
This Autumn season, we are inviting you to the gallery to see a selection of available work by the gallery's represented artists. In our main gallery space,...
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M mmxgallery 455   0
From 07 June, 2019  To 03 August, 2019
MMX Gallery is delighted to be showing a selection of Brian Griffin’s early work from the 1970s and 1980s. Exhibited prints will include images from his books Moscow, 1974; Copyright,...
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S Stories 530   0
From 09 April, 2019  To 23 May, 2019
BY POPULAR DEMAND! EXHIBITION EXTENDED UNTIL MAY 23rd. Samuel Heracles Gascoigne-Simpson and The Bumforth Manor Collection at Stories Art Gallery, London. Stories Art Gallery...
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© Brian Griffin, Monsieur Marquez, Richebourg, France, 2017
M mmxgallery 550   0
From 26 October, 2018  To 08 December, 2018
Brian Griffin is recognised as one of Britain’s most influential photographers, known for his unconventional approach to his work and love of surrealism. MMX Gallery is delighted to present Brian...
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©Nobuyoshi Araki_640
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 938   0
From 06 September, 2018  To 09 December, 2018
This exhibition is part of the Singapore International Photography Festival 2018 “In the act of love, as in photography, there is a form of life...
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© Derek Ridgers_640px
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 1273   0
From 04 October, 2018  To 07 October, 2018
Derek Ridgers and ARTBLOCK presents a collection of Ridgers’ legendary photographic work documenting subcultures, music and style from 1970s to today. This special pop-up exhibition offers a unique chance to...
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One Planet One Future ©Anne de Carbuccia
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 721   0
From 23 June, 2018  To 30 September, 2018
Naples. A photo exhibition on the future of the planet. After visiting remote and endangered places, Anne de Carbuccia shows her photographic work to raise...
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Behold ©David LaChapelle, Courtesy of Groninger Museum
W WotFotoAdmin2 1235   0
From 21 April, 2018  To 28 October, 2018
David LaChapelle (1963) began his famous career with photography for Andy Warhol's magazine Interview. Because of his innovative approach, LaChapelle quickly became one of the most influential photographers in the...
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Structures of Identity Installation, 2018 ©Christian van der Kooy
W WotFotoAdmin2 472   0
From 29 June, 2018  To 29 August, 2018
In the exhibition Structures of Identity - Photography from The Walther Collection Foam presents a selection of photographic works from the famous German-American collection. Structures...
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Robert Mapplethorpe ©Robert Mapplethorpe
W WotFotoAdmin2 856   0
From 20 September, 2018  To 06 January, 2019
Robert Mapplethorpe The first exhibition in Portugal of the work of one of the greatest and most influential photographers of the 20th century. ...
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The Perry Family - Grayson, Philippa and daughter Florence, London, 2012 ©Martin Parr:Magnum Photos:Rocket
W WotFotoAdmin2 1054   0
From 07 March, 2019  To 27 May, 2019
A major new exhibition of works by Martin Parr, one of Britain’s best-known and most widely celebrated photographers. Only Human: Martin Parr, brings together some of Parr’s best known photographs...
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Henry Cooper, 1960©Terry O'Neill Courtesy of Iconic Images
W WotFotoAdmin2 1355   0
From 09 November, 2018  To 15 January, 2019
One of the greatest living photographers today, Terry O’Neill selects a range of images from his extensive archive of “vintage prints”, which will be exhibited exclusively at the new Iconic...
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National Portrait Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 619   0
From 04 November, 2017  To 14 October, 2018
The Gallery celebrates photography with an installation dedicated to its extraordinary Photographs Collection displaying classic images and rarely seen gems of artists, writers and actors by Edward Steichen, James Abbe,...
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Scarecrow, 2016 ©Peter Mitchell, Courtesy of The Hepworth Wakefield
W WotFotoAdmin2 828   0
From 13 July, 2018  To 22 April, 2019
For the first time in human history, more people are living in urban environments than in the countryside, yet the impulse to seek out nature remains as strong as ever....
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Inhale, 2011 ©Viviane Sassen, Courtesy of Stevenson Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 623   0
From 22 June, 2018  To 07 October, 2018
Hot Mirror presents a survey of work by internationally renowned Dutch artist and photographer Viviane Sassen. Sassen is one of the most innovative photographers working...
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Mining apprentices, Ashington Colliery, 1981 ©Mik Critchlow Courtesy of Side Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 501   0
From 22 June, 2018  To 09 September, 2018
A major documentary photography exhibition for the Great Exhibition of the North The work of more than 30 great photographers ...
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Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO Building, Washington, D.C., USA ©Noel Bowler, Courtesy of Impressions Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 546   0
From 05 July, 2018  To 22 September, 2018
Made over a 5-year period, Noel Bowler’s Union reveals the boardrooms and private offices of trade union buildings across the globe. The exhibition offers a rare glimpse into places where...
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OVER 15 ©Kacper Kowalski, courtesy of Atlas Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 638   0
From 28 June, 2018  To 01 September, 2018
OLIVO BARBIERI | DAVID DREBIN | ANDREAS GEFELLER KACPER KOWALSKI | MICHAEL LIGHT Join us for the Private View on Thursday the 28th of June,...
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Andy Warhol in his "Factory", 1981 ©Thomas Hoepker:Magnum Photos
W WotFotoAdmin2 657   0
From 06 June, 2018  To 15 September, 2018
With a career spanning over six decades, Magnum photographer David Hurn is a connoisseur and patron of documentary photography. He has come up with a deliciously...
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Gorbals Public Baths ©Steven Berkoff
W WotFotoAdmin2 547   0
From 14 July, 2018  To 16 September, 2018
This never before seen body of work covers a period in the Autumn of 1966, when Berkoff was an actor with The Citizens Theatre, which at that time was directed...
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Frederick Douglass (1818 - 1895) ©Omar Victor Diop
W WotFotoAdmin2 544   0
From 20 July, 2018  To 03 November, 2018
In his first solo exhibition in the UK, Senegalese artist Omar Victor Diop recasts history and the global politics of black resistance. Liberty: A Universal...
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Peter Fraser - Mathematics ©Peter Fraser:Camden Arts Centre
W WotFotoAdmin2 566   0
From 06 July, 2018  To 16 September, 2018
Since the early 1980s, Peter Fraser has been at the forefront of pioneering colour photography as fine art. With an almost obsessive focus on the ‘stuff’ of the world, Fraser...
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Kate Bush ©Brian Griffin, courtesy of Street Level Photoworks
W WotFotoAdmin2 530   0
From 14 July, 2018  To 16 September, 2018
‘POP’ is a comprehensive exploration of the music photography of Brian Griffin shot for album covers, single sleeves, posters and press. First issued as a book in late 2017, the...
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Empty Barbershop, 1966 ©Fred Herzog | Courtesy Laurence Miller Gallery
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 656   0
From 10 July, 2018  To 16 August, 2018
Laurence Miller Gallery presents Fred Herzog: Modern Color, our fourth solo exhibition of Herzog’s work, following the release last year of his latest monograph with the same title. ...
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©Joe Cornish. iPhone image
H HansK 907   0
From 10 March, 2018  To 10 March, 2019
In the visual arts, practice and preparation are essential. In sculpture that means making a maquette. In painting, the process is characterised by drawing or sketching, whether with pencil, charcoal...
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Bosham Gallery
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 602   0
From 30 June, 2018  To 30 September, 2018
"The Bromley-Martin Collection contains original nineteenth century prints never before published that give a unique insight into Victorian life on the south coast of England. ...
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Two on, 1991 ©William Wegman | Courtesy Huxley-Parlour
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 599   0
From 26 September, 2018  To 20 October, 2018
Huxley-Parlour Gallery is pleased to announce a solo exhibition of 20 x 24 Polaroids by the celebrated American artist William Wegman. William Wegman is an...
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Auguste Rodin: The Photographs. Courtesy Huxley Parlour
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 562   0
From 11 July, 2018  To 13 August, 2018
Huxley-Parlour gallery are pleased to announce an exhibition of over 30 vintage photographs from the studios of Auguste Rodin (1840-1917). The photographs in the exhibition capture a wide-ranging group of...
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Sportflieger (Aviator), 1920 ©Die Photographische Sammlung:SK Stiftung Kultur - August Sander Archiv, Cologne, courtesy of Hauser & Wirth
W WotFotoAdmin2 547   0
From 18 May, 2018  To 28 August, 2018
Hauser & Wirth is delighted to present ‘August Sander. Men Without Masks’, an exhibition dedicated to the late German photographer, a forefather of conceptual art and pioneering documentarian of human...
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Cindy Sherman Installation view, SPRÜTH MAGERS LONDON, 2018 ©Cindy Sherman:SPRÜTH MAGERS
W WotFotoAdmin2 597   0
From 05 June, 2018  To 01 September, 2018
Sprüth Magers is delighted to present Cindy Sherman’s first solo show in the UK since exhibiting at the London gallery in 2011. The artist’s thirty-five year career in photography has...
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Vivian Maier exhibition Huxley
W WotFotoAdmin2 556   0
From 03 August, 2015  To 06 September, 2015
Vivian Maier was a professional nanny who, unbeknownst to those that knew her, used her spare time to scour the streets of Chicago and New York, using her trusty Rolleiflex,...
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Bosham Gallery
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 604   0
From 28 July, 2018  To 10 October, 2018
This exhibition, held in the Leica store in Porto, is an excerpt from a long work of cultural and visual anthropology still in progress, based on the intercultural encounters that...
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Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite National Park, about 1937 ©Ansel Adams, courtesy of Museum of Fine Arts Boston:Anonymous lender
W WotFotoAdmin2 730   0
From 13 December, 2018  To 24 February, 2019
Seeing Ansel Adams through a contemporary lens “Ansel Adams in Our Time” traces the iconic visual legacy of Ansel Adams (1902–1984), presenting some of his most celebrated prints,...
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Trapped in abandoned building by a rival gang on street, Red Jackson ponders his next move, 1948 ©Gordon Parks, courtesy of National Gallery of Art
W WotFotoAdmin2 520   0
From 04 November, 2018  To 18 February, 2019
First Exhibition to Chronicle Formative Beginning of Gordon Parks's Career Premieres at the National Gallery of Art on November 4, 2018. Within just a decade,...
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A woman with her baby monkey, N.J. 1971 by Diane Arbus ©The Estate of Diane Arbus, courtesy of Smithsonian American Art Museum
W WotFotoAdmin2 711   0
From 06 April, 2018  To 27 January, 2019
“They are the proof that something was there and no longer is. Like a stain. And the stillness of them is boggling. You can turn away but when you come...
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World's Fastest Mobile Home 1992 ©Richard Misrach, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles and Pace:MacGill Gallery, New York
W WotFotoAdmin2 565   0
From 09 June, 2018  To 24 November, 2018
Longer Ways to Go: Photography of the American Road delves deep into the complex dialogue that photography can enter into with a subject dear to many. This exhibition explores the...
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California Kiss, Santa Monica , 1955 ©Elliott Erwitt courtesy of PDNB Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 731   0
From 08 September, 2018  To 10 November, 2018
PDNB Gallery is proud to announce its second solo exhibition for Elliott Erwitt (b. Paris, France, 1928). The exhibition will cover iconic works from his Magnum years, including his humorous...
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Queen Mary, 2017 ©Alanna Airitam, courtesy of Catherine Edelman Gallery
W WotFotoAdmin2 924   0
From 07 September, 2018  To 27 October, 2018
When Alanna Airitam (b. 1971, Queens, NY) was studying the history of art, she noticed the absence of black people in the history of Western art. This exclusion is familiar...
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Roseann on the way to Manhattan Beach, New York, 1978 ©Susan Meiselas:Magnum Photos courtesy of SFMoMA
W WotFotoAdmin2 547   0
From 21 July, 2018  To 21 October, 2018
From war and human rights to cultural identity and domestic violence, Susan Meiselas’s (American, b. 1948) work covers a wide range of subjects and countries. This retrospective brings together projects...
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Kate Moss, Times Square, 1994 ©Glen Luchford, courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum, Gift of Glen and Tanya Luchford
W WotFotoAdmin2 574   0
From 26 June, 2018  To 21 October, 2018
Fashion is ephemeral, art is eternal. —Oscar Wilde Why do some fashion photographs transcend their commercial character to function as works of art, while others...
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Mary, Milwaukee, WI, 2014 ©Alec Soth:Magnum Photos courtesy of The J. Paul Getty Museum (gift of Richard Lovett)
W WotFotoAdmin2 527   0
From 22 May, 2018  To 28 October, 2018
In photography, the human face has always been a subject of intense fascination. Initially after the medium’s invention in the early nineteenth century, technological limitations and portrait conventions constrained sitters’...
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To Be Thirteen ©Betsy Schneider
W WotFotoAdmin2 579   0
From 04 May, 2018  To 14 October, 2018
In 2012, photographer Betsy Schneider embarked on a project to explore the experience of being thirteen. Traveling around the United States, the Guggenheim grant recipient chronicled the lives of 250...
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African American Portraits - Photographs from the 1940s and 1950s, courtesy of the Met Fifth Avenue
W WotFotoAdmin2 696   0
From 26 June, 2018  To 08 October, 2018
This exhibition presents more than one hundred and fifty studio portraits of African Americans from the mid-twentieth century, part of an important recent acquisition by The Met. Produced by mostly...
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Jesse Orosco, 1986 ©George Kalinsky courtesy of New-York Historical Society
W WotFotoAdmin2 533   0
From 02 February, 2018  To 30 September, 2018
Some of New York’s most iconic cultural moments over the past 50 years have been captured by George Kalinsky. Serving as Madison Square Garden’s official photographer, Kalinsky has turned truly...
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Crowd at Armistice Day Parade, Pittsburgh, 1950 ©Elliott Erwitt:Magnum Photos, Courtesy of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
W WotFotoAdmin2 631   0
From 23 May, 2018  To 02 September, 2018
In 1950 Elliott Erwitt, then just twenty-two years old, set out to capture Pittsburgh’s transformation from an industrial city into a modern metropolis. Commissioned by Roy Stryker, the mastermind behind...
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Venezuela Crisis ©Ronaldo Schemidt | Agence France-Presse
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 505   0
From 09 June, 2018  To 05 August, 2018
We are delighted to present the World Press Photo 2018, featuring the award-winning photographs by the 42 photographers in 8 categories. The annual World Press Photo contest honor the excellent...
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Sunday on the Banks of the Seine, France, 1938 ©Henri Cartier-Bresson:Magnum Photos
W WotFotoAdmin2 480   0
From 23 May, 2018  To 02 September, 2018
Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Decisive Moment examines Cartier-Bresson’s influential publication, widely considered to be one of the most important photobooks of the twentieth century. Pioneering for its emphasis on the photograph...
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Untitled (New York), 1947 ©Saul Leiter | Courtesy Howard Greenberg Gallery
WotFotoAdminWotFotoAdmin 1937   0
From 10 May, 2018  To 30 August, 2018
Saul Leiter’s intimate photographs of his muses over three decades are featured in this exhibition. Deeply personal and contemplative, many of the images in Saul Leiter: In My Room share...
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National Geographic Photo Ark ©Joel Sartore
W WotFotoAdmin2 702   0
From 02 June, 2018  To 02 September, 2018
The National Geographic Photo Ark, led by photographer Joel Sartore, is a multiyear effort to document every species living in wildlife sanctuaries, inspire action through education, and help save wildlife...
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