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Italo Insolera - The black and white of cities. Images 1951-1984

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Urbanist, historian, author of "Modern Rome", Italo Insolera was also a photographer. It was to document his work but above all for passion.


There is a strong link between Insoler's reflections on urban development and transformation processes and the black and white of its cities: in the commitment to defending the cultural and environmental heritage, as in the sensitivity and sometimes the irony of its framing, There is daily research, consistent responses to governing the territory in the interest of the community.

The exhibition, curated by Cristina Archinto and Alessandra Valentinelli, presents 50 unpublished images taken by Italo Insolera between the immediate post-war and the eighties.

The juvenile sequences depict Roma in which Insolera graduated in 1953, Sicily and Abruzzo where the first professional positions took place. The release of "Modern Rome" in 1962 sets the start of a fervid season of ethical and cultural challenges; Is the mature urbanist who photographs in Sardinia or Valnerina and soberly cut the architectures replaces the signs of man on cities and landscapes. In the Seventies Insolera returns to investigate the "Mirabilia Urbis" described by his friend Antonio Cederna; A critical look that translates into ever-more contrasting, vital, lashing images, revealing the ideal tension that has characterized its essays so far and presents its presentity today.

At the same time, for the Palombi Editore, the book comes out of the book "Italo Insolera, fotografo" : it collects two hundred shots selected between the sequences of Rome, the travels, the places where he intervened as an urbanist. Born for some years after Insolera's insights and insights, the volume availed of the indispensable help of Anna Maria Bozzola Insolera, as well as the memories and suggestions of those who knew him.

Cristina Archinto e Alessandra Valentinelli

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