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Last Updated June 21, 2018

DongGang International Photo Festival

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Address: DongGang Museum of Photography
South Korea

Starts: 14 June, 2018
Ends: 21 September, 2018

Genre: General

A Foreword to the 17th DongGang International Photo Festival taking place in 2018.

I extend my greetings to the beloved people of Gangwon province, the people of Yeongwol, and all the photography lovers in the country! I am Jae-gu Lee, the chairman of DongGang Photo Village Committee.

I am pleased to announce that the 17th DongGang International Photo Festival, one of the most prominent among the national photography festivals for its long-standing tradition and prestige, will be taking place in Yeongwol, the region best known for the virtue of fidelity. The DongGang International Photography Festival has continuously strived with the support of photography enthusiasts and its residents. The DongGang International Photography Festival wouldn’t have been established its representative status of the Yeongwol county that is the home to many prominent museums, without the help of each and every Yeongwol county people. As someone who is a part of the photographic world, I would like to personally thank everyone.

As we enter the era of so-called fourth industrial revolution, and as the spectrum of diversity in the domains of arts expands like never before, the DongGang International Photo Festival must also go through a multi-directional change. Staying loyal to our tradition and prestige, this year we have implemented a series of new attempts to further the cause of photographic expansion.

We take special interest in producing a photo festival of that expands the base of photography in the sense that the people of Yeongwol county become an active part in its making; a festival that all photography enthusiasts return home with a memory of time spent in Yeongwol; and a festival of befitting mode of operations to the global era in which photographers from all parts of the world will come together and facilitate the promotion of the homeland of photography. To put it concisely, the DongGang International Photo Festival centers around people, memories, and the notion of one world.

The Yeongwol County Photographers Exhibition will feature the local photographers in the form of an invitational exhibition. It will accelerate the communication and participation of the county’s residents. The Yeongwol Photo Tour Program is a participatory program for both the photography and travel enthusiasts. Hopefully, the program will lead to an increase in the public’s perception of Yeongwol’s cultural identity and its charms. Also, this will provide a meaningful opportunity for the local residents to participate in an event that takes place in their own hometown and to appreciate Yeongwol in a novel way.

The Gangwon Province Photographers Exhibition is an invitational exhibition that will offer to the viewers a unique chance to sample the unique viewpoints of the eminent photographers of the Gangwon province.

The Main International Exhibition and the International Open Call that best captures the spirit of DongGang International Photography Festival will take place this year under the themes of “the era of love” and “when we say love” respectively. We expect the two shows to be exemplary exhibitions that will showcase the essence of contemporary art with the finest artworks of the photographers from 22 countries. The International Open Call, in particular, has captured the world’s attention and attracted the total of 3,370 applicants from 55 nations worldwide.
With our selection of world-class photographers and their submitted works, both exhibitions will present a wide array of photographic works that showcase the cutting-edge contemporary photography.

Furthermore, the DongGang Photography Award Exhibition will present the works of Gyutae Hwang, this year’s winner of the prestigious DongGang Photography Award. The judging committee for the DongGang Photography Award consisting of photography critiques, gallerists, curators, and previous award winners have gathered together to select the winner out of a pool of strong candidates.

On the other hand, the DongGang Photo Workshop 2018 represents the more traditional side of the festival. It will serve as a public forum where its participants can freely exchange ideas and learn about the new changes that are currently taking place in the photography world.

The Continuing Education Exhibition will present the works of the photographers that have received recommendations from the Continuing Education Center they attend. It will be a venue where photography enthusiasts from all over the country will come together and share their skills and love for the craft.

The Elementary Students Photo Class has gained growing fandom over the years. It is fully expected to prove, once again, the growing popularity of photography in our cultural landscape and to reveal photography’s true potentials.

This year’s Photojournalists Exhibition is a special event that features large bodies of works of the participating photojournalist produced as a result of their journalistic endeavors. The works of both former and current media photographers will be on display.

The 12th Street Installation Exhibition features four aspiring photographers, each recommended by the photography professor. Those photographers reinterpreted Yeongwol’s cultural aspects in their original perspectives and took experimental approaches. Their works will be displayed at multiple locations across the county. The exhibition has an element of public art to it and will be installed in several spots, including Yeongwol County Office, the DongGang Museum of Photography’s premises, and Yeongwol Sports Park.

DongGang International Photo Festival has now begun its leap by implementing the changes as stated above. As we welcome our 17th festival we would like to thank Sun-Gyu Park, the governor of Yeongwol, all members of the staff of the Culture and Tourism department of the local government, and all members of Yeongwol Cultural Foundation for their contributions in successfully hosting the event. We would like to thank the councilmen of Yeongwol County and all interested parties for their wholehearted support. We would also like to thank all the people at the press for helping with the promotions of the festival, all the committee members and staff at the DongGang Photo Village Committee for carrying out their parts in making the festival. Last but not least, I thank the people of Yeongwol for their active participation and continued interest in the event. We deeply thank each and every one for making this event possible.

As we enter the 4th Industrial Revolution, I believe that the values of art that we share and experience play a crucial role in our happiness. Moreover, with the rapidly innovating imaging technologies, the realm of photography will continue to expand. In that regard, I am very certain that the DongGang International Photo Festival will prove to be of an exceptional cultural asset of the Yeongwol county and will continue to be so in the future. I proudly invite you all to the DongGang International Photo Festival − an event that takes place in Yeongwol, a town of roofless museum.

June 14th, 2018
LEE Jaegu
President of DongGang Village of Photography, Management Committee
Professor of Kyungsung University


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