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The Last Hurrah ©Dafydd Jones
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From 03 August, 2018  To 08 September, 2018
British photographer Dafydd Jones has worked as social photographer since the early 1980s, contracted by publications such as Tatler, Vanity Fair, The New York Observer, The Sunday Telegraph, The Times...
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May 1st demonstration on Alexanderplatz 1987 ©Harald HauswaldOstkreuz Courtesy of Side Gallery
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From 22 September, 2018  To 16 December, 2018
THE INNER EYE: Aspects of GDR Documentary Photography The exhibition gives an introduction to the photographic work of the German Democratic Republic which is still...
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Post Production Life ©vanguardia
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From 15 February, 2018  To 12 April, 2018
This exhibiton features the work of Alfonso Batalla. It is focused on architecture, devoid of the human element, in the phase of construction or decadence. After a few years devoted...
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Casper, France 2001 © Koos Breukel
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From 08 September, 2018  To 02 December, 2018
The Dutch portrait photographer Koos Breukel, whose oeuvre is held in high regard both in the Netherlands and abroad, has been photographing his eldest son Casper since he was born,...
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© Derek Ridgers_640px
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From 04 October, 2018  To 07 October, 2018
Derek Ridgers and ARTBLOCK presents a collection of Ridgers’ legendary photographic work documenting subcultures, music and style from 1970s to today. This special pop-up exhibition offers a unique chance to...
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Sonia Halliday Photo Library
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Sonia Halliday Photo Library is a unique photo library, established in the 1960s, which specialises in images of European stained glass. We also have extensive cover of religious subjects, archaeological...
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Panos Pictures
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Panos Pictures is a photo agency specialising in global social issues, driven by the vision and commitment of its photographers and staff. Panos is known internationally for its fresh and...
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In 1947, following the aftermath of the Second World War, four pioneering photographers founded a now legendary alliance. Combining an extraordinary range of individual styles into one powerful collaboration, Henri...
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Scarecrow, 2016 ©Peter Mitchell, Courtesy of The Hepworth Wakefield
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From 13 July, 2018  To 22 April, 2019
For the first time in human history, more people are living in urban environments than in the countryside, yet the impulse to seek out nature remains as strong as ever....
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Mining apprentices, Ashington Colliery, 1981 ©Mik Critchlow Courtesy of Side Gallery
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From 22 June, 2018  To 09 September, 2018
A major documentary photography exhibition for the Great Exhibition of the North The work of more than 30 great photographers ...
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Maritime Trades Department, AFL-CIO Building, Washington, D.C., USA ©Noel Bowler, Courtesy of Impressions Gallery
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From 05 July, 2018  To 22 September, 2018
Made over a 5-year period, Noel Bowler’s Union reveals the boardrooms and private offices of trade union buildings across the globe. The exhibition offers a rare glimpse into places where...
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Andy Warhol in his "Factory", 1981 ©Thomas Hoepker:Magnum Photos
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From 06 June, 2018  To 15 September, 2018
With a career spanning over six decades, Magnum photographer David Hurn is a connoisseur and patron of documentary photography. He has come up with a deliciously...
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Gorbals Public Baths ©Steven Berkoff
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From 14 July, 2018  To 16 September, 2018
This never before seen body of work covers a period in the Autumn of 1966, when Berkoff was an actor with The Citizens Theatre, which at that time was directed...
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Bosham Gallery
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From 30 June, 2018  To 30 September, 2018
"The Bromley-Martin Collection contains original nineteenth century prints never before published that give a unique insight into Victorian life on the south coast of England. ...
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Trapped in abandoned building by a rival gang on street, Red Jackson ponders his next move, 1948 ©Gordon Parks, courtesy of National Gallery of Art
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From 04 November, 2018  To 18 February, 2019
First Exhibition to Chronicle Formative Beginning of Gordon Parks's Career Premieres at the National Gallery of Art on November 4, 2018. Within just a decade,...
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World's Fastest Mobile Home 1992 ©Richard Misrach, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco, Marc Selwyn Fine Art, Los Angeles and Pace:MacGill Gallery, New York
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From 09 June, 2018  To 24 November, 2018
Longer Ways to Go: Photography of the American Road delves deep into the complex dialogue that photography can enter into with a subject dear to many. This exhibition explores the...
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California Kiss, Santa Monica , 1955 ©Elliott Erwitt courtesy of PDNB Gallery
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From 08 September, 2018  To 10 November, 2018
PDNB Gallery is proud to announce its second solo exhibition for Elliott Erwitt (b. Paris, France, 1928). The exhibition will cover iconic works from his Magnum years, including his humorous...
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Roseann on the way to Manhattan Beach, New York, 1978 ©Susan Meiselas:Magnum Photos courtesy of SFMoMA
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From 21 July, 2018  To 21 October, 2018
From war and human rights to cultural identity and domestic violence, Susan Meiselas’s (American, b. 1948) work covers a wide range of subjects and countries. This retrospective brings together projects...
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Jesse Orosco, 1986 ©George Kalinsky courtesy of New-York Historical Society
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From 02 February, 2018  To 30 September, 2018
Some of New York’s most iconic cultural moments over the past 50 years have been captured by George Kalinsky. Serving as Madison Square Garden’s official photographer, Kalinsky has turned truly...
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Crowd at Armistice Day Parade, Pittsburgh, 1950 ©Elliott Erwitt:Magnum Photos, Courtesy of Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
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From 23 May, 2018  To 02 September, 2018
In 1950 Elliott Erwitt, then just twenty-two years old, set out to capture Pittsburgh’s transformation from an industrial city into a modern metropolis. Commissioned by Roy Stryker, the mastermind behind...
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Child Labor, 1908 by Lewis Wickes, Bank of America Collection courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery
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From 03 November, 2017  To 03 September, 2018
“The Sweat of Their Face” combines art and social history with representations of American laborers across genres and centuries of art. Artists such as Winslow Homer, Dorothea Lange, Elizabeth Catlett...
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Chauffeurs at The Plaza, New York City, ca. 1950 ©Dan Weiner, courtesy of Steven Kasher Gallery
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From 07 June, 2018  To 27 July, 2018
Steven Kasher Gallery is pleased to present Dan Weiner: Vintage New York, 1940-1959 the first solo exhibition of the photographer’s work in over a decade. The exhibition consists of vintage...
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Rubberlands 01 ©Karolina Karlic
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From 20 March, 2018  To 27 July, 2018
Karolina Karlic’s Rubberlands is an ongoing photographic survey that maps the social and ecological impacts of rubber manufacturing. Following the trajectory of the artist’s earlier work exploring the automobile industry...
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© Sim Chi. Courtesy ICA Singapore
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From 20 July, 2018  To 10 October, 2018
The Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore will present an exhibition of work by new Magnum nominee Sim Chi Yin, opening July 20, 2018. The photographer was recently announced as one...
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Magnum exhibition madrid. Installation image 1 ©Wotfoto.com
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From 09 May, 2018  To 16 September, 2018
As part of the Official Section of PHotoEspaña 2018, the Espacio Fundación Telefónica is hosting an exhibition that explores the myriad connotations of the word Play. ...
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Roman Vishniac Rediscovered Exhibition. Courtesy The Photographers Gallery
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From 24 October, 2018  To 24 February, 2019
An exhibition collaboration between The Photographers’ Gallery and Jewish Museum, London. More than any other photographer, Roman Vishniac’s images have profoundly influenced contemporary notions...
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NZD1.00607MTL038 Revolver ©Monumenten en Archeologie, gemeente Amsterdam, Harold Strak & Willem van Zoetendaal
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From 09 July, 2018  To 02 September, 2018
It all started with a single dedicated photographer, Harold Strak, who is well known for an almost scientific approach to the medium combined with a technical, but artistically inspired perfectionism....
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Tish Murtha - Karen on overturned chair, 1980 © Ella Murtha, All rights reserved. Courtesy of Ella Murtha & The Photographers' Gallery
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From 15 June, 2018  To 14 October, 2018
Tish Murtha: Works 1976 – 1991 charts the remarkable accomplishments of documentary photographer Tish Murtha (b. South Shields 1956 - d. 2013) and offers a tender and frank perspective on...
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Bosnie-Herzégovine, Mostar, 1993 ©James Nachtwey Archive, Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth
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From 30 May, 2018  To 29 July, 2018
Directed in close collaboration with James Nachtwey and Roberto Koch, this exhibition is the largest retrospective ever dedicated to the work of the photographer. The exhibition offers a remarkable reflection...
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Martha ©Siân Davey | Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery
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From 24 May, 2018  To 24 June, 2018
The series ‘Martha’ presents ostensibly an idyllic scene layered with tension. Martha, named after Siân Davey’s step-daughter, was a response to the question ‘why don’t you photograph me anymore?’ ...
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The Loneliest Child in the World ©Rhiannon Adam Courtesy of Francesca Maffeo Gallery
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From 21 April, 2018  To 09 June, 2018
Francesca Maffeo Gallery is pleased to present ‘Big Fence / Pitcairn Island ’ by Rhiannon Adam, the first exhibition from our ‘Season of Women Photographers’. ...
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Photographers' Gallery - Shadows of the state
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From 08 February, 2018  To 22 February, 2018
Please join us and meet photographer Lewis Bush who is launching his new photobook Shadows of the State, published by Brave Books in Berlin. Shadows...
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David Hurn's Swaps - NEC March 2018
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From 17 March, 2018  To 20 March, 2018
A MAGNUM PHOTOS TOURING EXHIBITION Over the years Magnum photographer, David Hurn, a patron of documentary photography has collected more than 600 prints by many...
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Man in makeup wearing ring. Photograph from a photo booth, with highlights of color. United States, circa 1920. ©Sebastian Lifshitz Collection. Courtesy of Sebastian Lifshitz and The Photographers’ Gallery
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From 23 February, 2018  To 03 June, 2018
Drawn from the extensive personal archives of filmmaker and photography collector Sébastien Lifshitz, this exhibition of amateur 'found' photographs from Europe and the US explores gender non-conformity and cross-dressing. Dating...
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Grayson Perry's Photo Album, 1979-1984 ©Grayson Perry. Courtesy the artist and Victoria Miro, London / Venice
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From 23 February, 2018  To 03 June, 2018
This exhibition is being held in the Erranda Studio at the Photographers' Gallery in London. This intimate small-scale display shows a series of photographs and...
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Marc Pataut, Le Cornillon - Grand Stade (Saint-Denis), 1994-1997 | Courtesy Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía_640.jpg
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From 25 April, 2018  To 27 August, 2018
The photography of Marc Pataut (Paris, 1952) is structured around the formulation of research projects which address those political and human issues which often stand outside art institutions’ parameters. ...
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Vanley Burke exhibition, Birmingham Museum, image 1
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From 10 February, 2018  To 01 July, 2018
Vanley Burke is an influential British photographer. He was born in Jamaica and arrived in Birmingham in 1965 aged 15. Here he began photographing the lives and experiences of the...
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Exhibition of the Madrid struggle against fascism
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From 03 April, 2018  To 01 July, 2018
Sala de Bóvedas of the Casa de la Panadería shows an exhibition that tells a story of the 16 days in November of 1936 when the people of Madrid rose...
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Bertien van Manen, Turkish girls at a party in Schiedam, 1977, silver gelatine print. Courtesy Collection Stedelijk Museum | Amsterdam
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From 22 September, 2017  To 03 June, 2018
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam is mounting a series of exhibitions in 2017 and 2018 that explore different aspects of the theme migration. “I Am a Native Foreigner” examines migration by...
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Beat Streuli, Sydney-Melbourne, 1997-1998 ©Beat Streuli. Photo by Axel Schneider
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From 23 March, 2018  To 15 July, 2018
Whether on a smartphone, in the newspaper or on a computer – every day we experience our world through a flood of photographs. Many of the artists represented in the...
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From 05 September, 2018  To 21 October, 2018
BredaPhoto is a biannual international photo festival in Breda, in the Netherlands. From September 5 until October 21t 2018 the 8th edition will take place. A significant number of outspoken...
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© Bruce Davidson, Magnum Photos
Exhibitions H HansK 1156   0
From 05 February, 2018  To 06 May, 2018
The exhibition provides an extensive retrospective of the work of the photographer. Bruce Davidson - well known for his work documenting the American Civil Rights Movement. It is one of...
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Agriculture of poisons Pablo Ernesto Piovano
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From 20 October, 2017  To 21 January, 2018
Exhibition from 20 October 2017 to 21 January 2018 Tuesday to Sunday 12 to 18 o'clock | Admission free | ID required ...
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