Last Updated July 13, 2018

Bernd Opitz

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People and portraits

Hamburg-based German photographer Bernd Opitz works mostly on commercial assignments. He is probably best known for his beautiful portrait, fashion and lifestyle photography.

Bernd started his career as a photographer at the age of 22. He started to explore the field of still-life photography soon after, in which he worked successfully for some years before feeling the urge to strive for new borders. Interior and architectural photography seemed just as challenging as a new vital approach to people photography, and since he never was one to fear the battle: he just went for both. Fortunately the industry saw his often unconventional results in frequent publishings – and liked it. Today after a good twenty years of peak performance already, Bernd holds the respect of many an art critic and numerous clients, who trust his great creativity, his fast grasp of every subject, his unbeatable humour, his precise eye and his extremely sensible balance of light and media. "The light is your friend – you have to treat it kindly and give it room to breathe“, he often says. "It will reward you then."

His work takes him from the most secluded and breathtaking spots to rural and suburban environments all over the world, he constantly seems to be living out of suitcases. He loves it. Just as much as he enjoys the next challenge that awaits him with every new assignment.


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