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Bertrand Desprez

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Born in 1963 in Douai, Bertrand Desprez lives in Paris.

Member of Agence VU '

It is through photography that he reconciles two radically opposed aspirations that inhabit him: on the one hand, a desire for freedom and unhindered loneliness, on the other, the need for an anchorage, a reassuring shore. In addition to his permanent collaborations with the press, he develops personal projects that explore unconventional but significant questions about society.

After his first personal images on the jazz scene of the 80s, he is recognized by his work, widely awarded, published and exposed, on adolescents in France. "For a few stars" is a visual investigation that he has treated in black and white, with elegance and modesty, in discrete snapshots preserving the traces of ordinary and non-spectacular moments which, assembled, draw the fragile and sensitive portrait of a generation.

In Japan, a slip occurs. It is the arrival of colour, of a new candor, of images carried by the discovery of a different culture, which will lead to the series "The Four Seasons", subtle and devoid of exoticism.
The series "AO BA, the blue sheet", also produced in Japan, allows him to simultaneously deploy a documentary and conceptual approach to landscape. In fact, the codes of conceptual art (serial declination of a motif) and a transversal reading of the social body (this blue tarpaulin is commonly used by the entire population for various purposes, spades -nique, prayer mat, tarpaulin ...).

"Homanimus" is a continuation of this research. This time, the motive is the animality, or rather the ethnocentric vision that we have since our contemporary urban environments.

This permanent search for the landscape and the questioning of the place of man within it, sometimes absent, sometimes destructive, continues to feed the work of Bertrand Desprez.


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