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Christian Lutz

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Christian Lutz was born in Switzerland in 1973 and lives in Geneva. He graduated from The Ecole Supérieur des Arts et de l’Image “Le75” in Brussels.

His photographic approach is based on a scrupulous and sociologist observation of human groups: politician who have been slammed in the artifice of the protocol or economical elites who invest in developing countries.
Formal qualities of his pictures appeal to us, but at the same time it distils an acid look, which deconstructs the power’s instruments and its machinery. Then, after the political power in Protokoll and the economical power in Tropical Gift, Christian Lutz worked on the religious power in In Jesus’ Name.

Awarded with several prizes, his work is exhibited throughout the world and is regularly published. In line with documentary photography in his early work, his photographic approach rapidly changed in order to assert rather both a particular distancing from reality and a cinematographic point of view on his environment.


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