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Christian Vizl

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Christian Vizl was born in México City in 1972. He has a degree in Business Administration, and has been a Diving Instructor, Cave Diver, Rafting Guide, and Sailor. He was a member of CEDAM, a Mexican organization devoted to marine arquaeology. Christian lived for a year in Germany (1993) a year in Akumal, southeast México (1997) and a year in Australia (1998). He has been an enthusiast photographer since he was 15 years old, but it was in 2010 when he started with underwater photography and with a more professional approach.

Every since I was a kid, as far as I can remember I was attracted to the sea. I dreamt about what lay beneath the waves, and how it would look if suddenly all the water vanished leaving in stasis all the animals and living creatures. In this way I could walk inside the ocean and see them all, suspended for a moment in time and space.

I have devoted my life to explore and contemplate the amazing beauty of the ocean and it has been an incredible journey that has brought me a deep feeling of connection with nature, but sadly during my lifetime I have witness the ever-increasing devastation that we humans are creating in this planet. Today the world´s Ocean is in grave danger; overfishing, pollution, plastics, radiation, climate change, acidification and other human pressures threaten the fundamental nature of the ocean and its animals are being push to near extinction. The time to act and reverse our negative impact is now, before it´s too late risking loosing everything.

The majority of humans see marine life as merely tons of food, but I see them as so much more than that. They don't have a voice that we can understand, so the higher purpose of my images is to be a voice of the ocean and for the ocean, hoping that people will get a glimpse of who they really are; beautiful sentient individuals with feelings and different personalities, with complex behaviours and interesting lives that science is only starting to understand.

I believe photography is capable of real service to humanity, promoting empathy and initiating change, so my main purpose as a photographer is to create poetic images showing the incredible beauty of these animals knowing they carry the power of changing our perception and spark the love and empathy that we all have inside. If we want to have a future in this planet, we need to understand that our lives are interconnected to all living animals and their environment, and our own well being is directly linked to the well being of the entire ecosystem. As Dr. Sylvia Earle stated, "no blue no green, if the oceans die we die".


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