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Christopher Burkett

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Address: West Wind Arts, Inc.
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Christopher Burkett is an American photographer specializing in 8x10” large format landscape photography. Trees hold a special fascination for him and appear in many of his images.

Christopher Burkett was born in 1951 and was reared in the Pacific Northwest. At 19, Burkett entered an Orthodox Christian religious order in which, for seven years, he served as a brother. Photography followed this and many of his images are suffused with a deeply spiritual appreciation of the natural world. Over the next twenty years, he gradually perfected his craft so photography could be the means through which he could express his innermost feelings and inspiration. Today he works almost exclusively with color 8 x 10" transparencies.

A traditionalist by nature, Burkett uses no filters, and his images are not cropped or digitally manipulated. Instead he uses traditional dodging and burning techniques during the printing process to enhance his images. As well as selling prints, Burkett has self-published two books – 'Resplendent Light' and 'Intimations of Paradise'.

In 1979, Burkett left the brotherhood to pursue photography and married his wife, Ruth. He learned the offset printing process and ran four-colour printing presses and laser scanners to create detailed colour separations. These years of experience in the printing trade helped develop his fine discernment of colour and gave him a deep understanding of the principles of colour and tone reproduction.

Today Burkett travels extensively throughout the United States to photograph. His masterful printing and numerous exhibitions rapidly brought him international acclaim. His photographs are featured in many public and private fine art collections. Burkett also has taught several workshops sponsored through the Friends of Photography and Anderson Ranch Arts Center.

Burkett is a recognized national expert in printing Cibachrome (Ilfochrome), by virtue of his use of sophisticated and unique masking techniques. He meticulously hand prints his 8 x 10" transparencies to 20 x 24", 30 x 40", and 40 x 50", with impressive sharpness and rich tonality. All images are archivally overmatted, signed and numbered by the artist.


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