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David Ward

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I’m a T-shirt winning professional landscape photographer working with both large format and digital SLRs. As a professional I’ve photographed everything from huskies to Ferraris but landscape has always been my passion. As well as making images I write about the philosophical side of photography and lead photographic workshops for Light & Land. Although I have specialised in large format photography for over twenty years, my emphasis in teaching is on the photographer’s vision, rather than on what format is being used, and I try to pass on my knowledge in an accessible and humorous manner.

Some of you may know of me from my writings in the photographic press and for On Landscape. I have also written two books on photography; “Landscape Within”, a philosophical look at photography, was published in 2004 and “Landscape Beyond”, was published in April 2008.

It’s very hard to define one’s own style but people have told me that my photographs are distinctive for their graphic simplicity and technical quality. I am particularly drawn to making abstract, intimate landscape images and my work is informed and inspired by many of the great American landscape photographers of the last century.

If you want to know more about my philosophy of photography then please read the blog section of my website.


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