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Ferhat Bouda

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Ferhat Bouda was born in Kabylie (Algeria) and lives as a freelance photographer in Frankfurt am Main.

Already as a teenager he was involved in the interests of his Berber culture, the Kabyles, for instance by fighting for the official recognition of the Berber language within the Algerian constitution.

In 2000 he left his country in order to study film in France, "so that one day his grandmother might be able to watch films in her own language".

In 2001 Ferhat, then living in Paris, found a camera by chance and started to develop his passion for photography. Since this time it has been his major focus to take pictures of socially marginal groups and minorities.

Ferhat studied photography at the school for visual communication (EFET) in Paris from 2002 to 2004. After his move to Frankfurt am Main in 2005, he started to take photos of the punk scene there, as soon as he got to know of a town council decision which was decreed to keep away the punks from public places.

In the same year Ferhat became a member of the Fotografie Forum Frankfurt. In 2007 the Department of Multicultural Affairs of the city of Frankfurt became aware of Ferhat's work and since then has engaged him for the documentation of cultural and religious feasts in Frankfurt and the surrounding area. These pictures are published annually in the calendar "Festivals of the world – World of festivals" and since 2012 in the book of the same title.

However, over and over again, Ferhat is attracted by his country of origin and by regions of other Berber or nomadic tribes such as the Touareg or the Mongols. He frequently returns there in order to help to draw the attention to the problems and the needs of the people in these parts of the world. To make his pictures accessible to a broader public he has been working with the German press agency (dpa) since 2010.

Since 2014 his work is distributed by Agence VU' Paris.


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