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Jérôme Sessini

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French photographer Jérôme Sessini, b 1968, is constantly learning, adapting and evolving.

He initially found documentary photography through books shown by a friend, a photographer, and has since made a career out of digging below the news to capture scenes that are representative of wider issues.

Keeping Diane Arbus in mind, as well as Lee Friedlander and Mark Cohen, Sessini primarily photographs people around his hometown in Eastern France, shifting between their daily lives and landscapes around them.

He has covered many of the major international news events of the past decade: the Iraq War (2003 to 2008); fall of Haitian President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (2004); seizure of Mogadishu by Islamic militias and the war in Lebanon (2006); as well as wars in Libya (2011) and Syria (2012-2013).

Seven years ago, Sessini began a long-term project in Mexico called “So far from God, too close from the U.S.,” which focused on the impact of violence from drug cartels. The project received a number of awards and was published in the book “The Wrong Side” (Contrasto, 2013).

He joins Magnum in 2012.