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Jean-Luc Chapin

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Jean-Luc Chapin has been a photographer at the VU 'agency since 1993. For twenty years, Jean-Luc Chapin has been working on the themes of landscape, the relationship between man and nature, and the text- image, in a kind of permanent reference. He also has a special interest in the world of wine like these publications for the greatest castles (Lafite, Ausone, Cheval Blanc etc.).

In 2013, "The Table of Dogs" presented at the Museum of Hunting and Nature signs a transition to color for part of the work of Jean-Luc Chapin. He has collaborated on various registers, with art critics and writers such as Eric Audinet, Alain Borer, Christian Caujolle and Jean-Marie Laclavetine.

A film photographer above all, Jean-Luc Chapin claims the relation to time and matter imposed by this practice. The film is for him a way of thinking become singular, an operation that mixes the virtual time of the mental construction of the image and the more concrete time of the draw where clash the stakes of the shooting and their potential existence on paper.