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Lewis Bush

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I am a photographer, writer, curator and educator. After studying history at the University of Warwick and working as a researcher with the United Nations I began to practice as a documentary photographer in 2012. Through my activities I seek to draw attention to many forms of power that operate in the world. I take the stance that power is always problematic because it’s natural resting state is abusive, arbitrary and untransparent. Regardless of the intentions of the people and institutions possessing it, these are the states to which power constantly seeks to return.

In The Memory of History (2012) I travelled through ten European countries documenting the way the past was being manipulated in the context of the economic crisis and recession. In War Primer 3 (2013) I appropriated an appropriative work of photographic art to critique the method of its production and the power relations of the art world. For Metropole (2015) I documented the redevelopment of London at the hands of aggressive developers and speculators. Most recently I have completed Shadows of the State (2017), which maps the covert communications used by intelligence agencies. The resulting book is forthcoming from Brave Books. My projects have been shortlisted for commendations including the the Tim Hetherington Visionary Award 2017, Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Award 2017, the Luma Rencontres d’Arles Dummy Book Award 2016 and 2015, the Self-Publish Riga award 2016, the Photo Espana book award 2016, and the Bar Tur Photobook Award 2015 and 2014. Media appearances include Newstalk 106’s Monocrief Show and BBC Radio 4’s Today Program.

My projects often incorporate writing and I have also published extensively on photography for a range of print and web titles. Between 2011 and 2016 I published Disphotic, a blog on photography and visual culture. For more on my writing see here. I have curated a number of exhibitions including Media & Myth (Format Festival, 2015), Magna Errata (The Alternative Magna Carta Festival, 2015), Very Now (London College of Communication, 2016), Images of Power (Seen Fifteen Gallery, 2016) and It’s Gonna be Great (Copeland Gallery, 2017). For more on my curation see here. As an educator I lecture on the MA and BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography courses at London College of Communication, and I am a visiting tutor at other institutions including the University of South Wales and University of Coventry.