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Mark Banks

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Mark is a landscape photographer based in the North East of England and enjoys making images with both digital equipment and large format view cameras.

A Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society, Mark has been making images for many years and has a special passion for landscape photography. Mark lives in Northallerton with his wife and two children.

In 2000, Mark purchased a Digital SLR camera at a time when digital photography was in its infancy. Although he spent many hours learning the fundamentals and shooting different subjects it became clear that he got the most satisfaction from making images of landscapes. A few years later he had one of many photographic epiphanies when he visit the gallery of professional landscape photographer, Joe Cornish in Northallerton - "I was mesmerised by the flawless quality of Joe's prints".

Through a chance meeting with Joe, Mark attended one of his landscape photography workshops where he met Steve Lewis - a landscape photographer known for his stunning photography of Snowdonia in Wales. Steve introduced Mark to the Large Format View Camera which uses sheet film 5" x 4" in size - "Due to this large size, the detail that these cameras can record are truly breathtaking." Fascinated by the unusual concept of using a View Camera (a wooden camera with bellows that displays the image upside down and contra-rotated), Mark decided to purchase a 2nd hand Ebony Camera from Steve and set out on a journey of discovery.

It is through using a View Camera that Mark truly learned to understand the basic and fundamental concept of photography including optics, light and the characteristics of film. Due to the high cost associated with purchasing and developing sheet film it also taught Mark to slow down, become more methodical and consider each image on its own merits and whether it really was worth taking - a discipline Mark still adopts today. Although Mark occasionally still uses his View Camera, due to the recent leaps in quality he has returned to using digital camera equipment for the majority of his work.

In 2006, Joe Cornish invited Mark to his home to help set up his computer equipment and reciprocated by helping Mark understand the finer points of using a View Camera. It was through these regular visits that Mark and Joe decided to set up a teaching and editing suite at Joe's gallery in Northallerton. To this day Mark and Joe co-lead many one-day and residential landscape photography workshops throughout the North of England and beyond.

Mark also runs his own photography workshops, teaching practical landscape photography and post-production on a one-to-one basis as well as residential group workshops based in the most beautiful places around the British Isles.


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