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Masao Yamamoto

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Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto is best known for his delicate small scale black and white photographs. He also makes installation art using his small photographs to show how each print is part of a larger reality.

Yamamoto was born in 1957 in Gamagori City in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. He initially studied as a painter, studying oil painting under Goro Saito, before picking up a camera as a young adult.

Many of his images go through a physical process to give an effect of ageing. "As you can see, my photos are small and seem old. In fact, I work so that they’re like that. I could wait 30 years before using them, but that’s impossible. So, I must age them. I take them out with me on walks, I rub them with my hands, this is what gives me my desired expression. This is called the process of forgetting or the production of memory. Because in old photos the memories are completely manipulated and it’s this that interests me and this is the reason that I do this work."

He has published several books among them: A box of Ku, (Nazraeli Press, 1998); Nakazora (Nazraeli, 2001); The Path of Green Leaves (Nazraeli, 2002); Omizuao (Nazraeli, 2003); Santoka (Harunatsuakifuyu Sousho, Japan,2003); é (2005); Fujisan (Nazraeli, 2008); Yamamoto Masao, (Galerie Albert Baumgarten, Germany, 2009); Yamamoto, Masao (21st Editions, 2011);and Where we met: Yamamoto, Masao and Arpaïs du Bois (Lanoo Publishers, Belgium, 2011).

Yamamoto’s photography has been exhibited worldwide and his work is in many public and private collections including The Museum of Fine Arts (Houston), The International Center for Creative Photography, The Center for Creative Photography, The Santa Barbara Art Museum; the Victoria & Albert Museum, The Maison Européenne de la Photographie and The Sir Elton John Collection.


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