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Olivier Grunewald

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Olivier Grunewald is a French photographer best known for his nature, landscape and wildlife photography.

Though he originally studied commercial photography in Paris, he soon renewed with his earlier sources of inspiration when, in 1986, he hung his studio from the cliffs and followed, at the end of a rope, high-level rock climbers to the top. He then tackled the landscapes of the American West using a large format camera. Since then, he and his partner Bernadette Gilbertas have travelled the world covering stories on nature, wildlife and natural phenomena from volcanoes to aurorae borealis.

A keen bird photographer in his childhood days, Olivier’s professional career started in sports photography, specializing in shooting mountaineers and rock climbers. After a decade of shooting from rock slabs and mountain tops, he switched his attention to nature and landscape photography and began developing his passion for volcanoes and their surrounding environments.

In 1997, Grunewald began work on a book, Images of Creation, which tells in pictures the story of the beginning of the universe and of life on Earth.

For Olivier Grunewald, photography is as much a goal as a pretext for immersing himself in the world as it was in the early days of its creation, and his patient quest for the magical, ephemeral light that best underscores the wild primitive side of nature pays off.

A four time World Press Photo winner, his work has been featured in major publications worldwide.


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