Last Updated July 13, 2018

Paula Bronstein

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Paula Bronstein’s many nominations and awards span decades and represent only a small space in what is simply a lifetime of phenomenal front line news and documentary photography across the globe.

She sits alongside the most important female photojournalists as a multiple nominee and award winner of international contests including The Pulitzer, Pictures of The Year International, and The National Press Photographer’s Association.

She has judged some of the most important international photography contests such as The World Press Photo Award, exhibited extensively, and given interviews herself for the media in the US, Australia, and across Asia. Industry peers watch her insights and listen to her talks closely about her iconic images of life in Afghanistan and post 9/11’s ‘war on terror’ and its impact across the Middle East.

Bronstein’s work reflects a dedicated humanitarian and visual war correspondent finding visual moments nobody else would dare look for, as she brings a voice to those who have none. She continues to photograph presidents and kings, natural disasters, political turmoil and conflict, and always the most impoverished and vulnerable people on this earth, from Mongolia to Afghanistan and Africa. Her images have been published globally in a variety of newspapers and magazines.