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Pierre-Olivier Deschamps

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Lives and works in Paris since 1981. Member of Agence VU’.

Photographer for the theater and studio assistant when he started, his work is soon distributed by the newspaper Libération. He's one of the first photographers to join Agence VU' at the creation in 1986. He produces then numerous portraits in the field of litterature and cinema, and takes part in the growth of a new kind of reportage photography. He collaborated for several years with Elle décoration magazine and Elle à table about art of living. He is still collaborating with le Figaro about still-life both on studio and location. For about ten years, through media publications and collaborations with institutions, he has been interested in architecture and all the forms of urban landscape.

In 2007, his book Architectures is co-published by Le Chêne and Arte. In 2010, he produces a book with La Martinière publishing on Architects houses in Paris and obtains the same year a World Press Photo for his series Résidence. He did a book on French industrial heritage, released by La Martinière in 2012. The following year, he achieved an important photographic campaign (2 years) on urban landscapes in the Ile-de-France region, documenting all the 57 future sites of the Grand Paris project. In 2013, he also made a photographic survey of the fallow of the Samaritaine department store in Paris, for an exhibition and a book. He is now preparing a book on hidden Versailles, in partnership with the preservation of the Versailles castle. He is now on assignment for following-up the site construction of La Samaritaine during the next three years.


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