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Stanislas Guigui

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French photographer Stanislas Guigui was born in Paris in 1969.

Straddling between contemporary art and photojournalism obsessional the world below, anger and revolt, Stanislas Guigui is constantly animated by the desire to explore the darker side of our society.

Interested in the social issues of exclusion and marginal worlds he built since 1996 photographic work where his gaze is never preachy but questions our ability to outrage at the injustices of our societies.

In 1996, he moved to Colombia. Consequences of the civil war, thousands of homeless people roam the streets of Bogota, and more specifically the district of El Cartucho, the largest court wonders of South America. In 2003, Stanislas Guigui manages to be accepted by the locals he photographed for 3 years: showing the poor living conditions, crack houses and battles knife. His work will be rewarded with PhotoEspana in 2006 and UNICEF in 2008.
Conformist and committed the universe of Stanislas Guigui is full of baroque and Fellini characters. He photographs of strippers Cabaret New Burlesque, the second tallest man in the world, dwarves ... Very marked by the work of Victor Hugo sublime misery, his photographs are a tribute to the bohemian and gypsy.

Stanislas Guigui is a member of Agence VU'