Last Updated July 13, 2018

Tim Bret-Day

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London born Tim Bret-Day began his professional career as a rock photographer, but a viewing of the 1978 film, The Eyes of Laura Mars, inspired him to start shooting fashion. He began to develop a very distinctive style and was soon working on major campaigns for all the top agencies in London, as well as helping to develop brands such as Agent Provocateur with his unique and often unconventional style of photography.

Tim’s vibrant, seductive and provocative work has appeared in top fashion magazines across the world. He has been commissioned by International clients, including Virgin Atlantic, Harvey Nichols, Agent Provocateur, Mercedez, Nokia, Ikea, Samsung, Sony, Music, ITV, Castello, British Airways, Illamasqa, Ghd, Exte, Sky, L’Oreal, Smirnoff and Siemens.

"I am an avid drummer, and my career began with both my love for bands and for photography. I love intricate details and the landscape of a picture. Although trained in fashion and a “less is more”approach, I always longed to be drawn into another world and to get lost there. If it were possible, all my pictures would be giant tableau’s. Despite having shot so many campaigns, I still have enthusiasm and wonderment of an emerging photographer eager to try out new things and explore."

"Keep shooting what you love, as sometimes you can get so hung up on working that you forget why you are doing it. Your team is essential, work with people who get you. You need to listen but be selective. And never worry about what everybody else is doing, it will eat you up."


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