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Veronique De Viguerie

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Veronique de Viguerieis is based in Paris. Having completed a Master’s Degree in Law in France, she studied photojournalism in England.

She spent 3 years living and working in Afghanistan. Since 2006, she is been covering stories around the world in Iraq, Somalia, Lebanon, Kashmir, Mexico, Algeria, Guatemala, Pakistan, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Syria etc. Her work 'Afghanistan Insh’Allah' was exhibited in Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan, in Paris and in the Scoop Festival in Angers. 'The Oil War in Nigeria' was exhibited in Bayeux festival for the war correspondents.

Her pictures are regularly published in Paris-Match, the New-York Times Magazine, Newsweek, El Pais, Stern, Der Spiegel, Figaro Magazine, Geo, Marie-Claire, Mail on Sunday, the Guardian, l’Optimum etc.

She was especially noticed for having photographed the Taliban in Afghanistan, the Pirates in Somalia, the Oil Pirates in Nigeria and the Sicaraias (women killers) in Colombia, the MNLA in Mali etc. She bravely takes on these challenging assignments and personal projects in some of the most dangerous places on the planet, often working with her French journalist friend and colleague Manon Querouil. In 2006 she published her first book, 'Afghanistan, Regards Croises' with Marie Bourreau, in 2011 'Carnets de Reportage du XXIe siècle' and in 2015 'Profession: Reporter' with Manon Querouil Bruneel. In 2012, she was chosen by HBO to be one of the three photographers to be part of the Witness program for her work on the Arrow Boys in South Sudan.