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Workshops & Courses

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Image courtesy of Harriet Browse and The Photographers' Gallery
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From 22 September, 2018  To 22 September, 2018
This hands on workshop explores the creative possibilities of Polaroid cameras. Experts will introduce you to a variety of experimental techniques for instant photography. Cameras and film are provided to...
One Day Field Workshop.jpg
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From 09 September, 2018  To 09 September, 2018
This exciting one day workshop is intended for those that already have a good grasp of the fundamentals of photography (or have completed one of our beginner workshops) and are...
Joe Cornish Gallery workshops
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The Joe Cornish Gallery offers an exciting and varied range of photographic workshops. The programme is overseen by Joe and his team of talented photographer colleagues, and is designed to...
Ross Hoddinott Workshops ©Ross Hoddinott
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Do you wish to develop your landscape photography skills? If so, why not spend a day with Ross on location, learning more about the art of exposure, creative use of...
LUMIX G Street Photography Workshop
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Suitable for street photographers of all experience levels – from beginners to advanced – this event will be about learning to see and shoot in new ways and gaining a...
5 results - showing 1 - 5