Last Updated September 19, 2017
LUMIX G Street Photography Workshop

LUMIX G Street Photography Workshops 2017

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Website: Visit website
Address: Various locations in the UK

Opening times: 1000-1600hrs
Price: Free
Genre: Street

Suitable for street photographers of all experience levels – from beginners to advanced – this event will be about learning to see and shoot in new ways and gaining a new appreciation of the importance of light.

The day will kick-off with an illustrated talk in which Damien will share the secrets of his way of working. He will discuss timing, composition and the art of blending into the background, as well as exposure, colour and lenses. If shooting strangers in the street fills you with dread, you will be amazed at how those fears evaporate when you hear how Damien works.

After the talk we’ll hit the streets to tackle a series of specific practical tasks that will open your eyes and lend you new skills - all with full guidance, help and advice from Damien.

The day will conclude with a constructive critique of the pictures taken during the class, and a question and answer session in which Damien will address any questions you still have.

Throughout the day Panasonic Lumix G cameras and lenses will be available for you to use so you don’t need to own or bring your camera to the workshop. A free SD card will also be given to each attendee to use during the day, which you’re more than welcome to take it home with you.

There will be plenty of help to ensure you can find your way around the easy-to-grasp menu systems. Damien will guide on settings to use, and how to get the most out of features such as 4K Photo mode, touch-screen focusing and silent shutter.

There will be special offers available exclusively for guests on the day.

Events are listed below.

22 Sep 2017 SRS Microsystems, Watford

23 Sep 2017 Jessops, Manchester

24 Sep 2017 Camera Solutions, Chester

29 Sep 2017 Conns Cameras, Dublin 2

30 Sep 2017 Bermingham Cameras, Dublin

13 Oct 2017 Carmarthen Cameras

14 Oct 2017 Clifton Cameras, Dursley, Gloucestershire

19 Oct 2017 Cameraworld, London

21 Oct 2017 JRS Photo Hardware, Perth

28 Oct 2017 Cambrian Cameras - 87-89 Abergele Rd, Colwyn Bay


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